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FW: Tsipras chain letter [I]

> Επιστολή Τσίπρα προς την Τρόικα:
> Dear Troika,
> Samaras and Benny sign mnemonium, and dont take the sign back.
> So, now you have mnemonium sign, all OK, no problem.
> Please send 18 Billion to Greek bank so we "guarantee" them, give hair
> cut and shower, to stop look like hippies....
> Next month I need 10 billion for salary. Better send money in suitcase.
> Not safe use bank.
> P.S. Copy this letter in 10 copies and send it to another 10
> international organizations (like IMF and ECB) and you will see great
> luck in your life with lots of happiness.
> G.A.P. did and he won billions in the CDR's. His family were
> millionaires now they are billionaires.
> If you dont send the 10 copies you will have bad luck for the next 5
> financial quarters. Akis Ts. did not send it, and he end up in jail.
> His wife stop eating and bank accounts frozen.

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